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Mani, one of the most traditional areas of Greece with rich historical and cultural heritage, located in the southern Peloponnese, is bordered by the Messenian Gulf in the West and the Lakonian Gulf to the East, while it is away from Athens just 3 hours.
A “open” Museum that combines numerous historic monuments with the incredible natural beauty of the ´wild´ landscape. Byzantine churches, castles, traditional Mills, windmills, the graphical creeks, caves and dozens of unique traditional settlements with majestic towers of Mani, cannot fail to draw the attention of the visitor.

Mani combines everything
Seductive landscapes offered for walks through paved alleys and unique canyons, important monuments and attractions, wonderful sea with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches that you will be amazed, and as majestic rocks such as Cavo Grosso, that smell wildflowers and herbs.

Nature lovers have unlimited options for tours on trails marked. Starting Areos Polis,  you can visit marked trails that start from our door to the Tigani and Tainaro , where you will feel the wild beauty of Mani in the zenith of walking up to the lighthouse and travelling back in time, at the southernmost tip of continental Europe, where was placed the mythological gate of Hades.

Villages full of history and beauty
Mani from edge to edge you will amaze you. From Areopolis, the bygone city of God Mars, capital of Mani with its stone alleys bearing vivid traces of the glamour of the past and its always lively square. North is located the historic village of Oitylo, built on the edge of a ravine opposite the ruined castle of Kelefa. While further south of Areopolis, at Pirgos Dirou, under the earth Mani lurks an unspeakable beauty, the most beautiful lake cave in the world, the cave of Diros. Built next to the sea, Gerolimenas is one of the most graphic settlements of Mani with a small natural harbor which in antiquity was considered ' Sacred Harbor '. The surprises do not stop. Encountered the enchanting Vathia, imposing towers, houses, churches, narrow the small hill and down the vast blue sea are the culmination of Mani’s landscape by creating a unique image.

Mani is a unique destination for calmness, relaxation and fun with special flavors of the region at the picturesque taverns and plenty of fun in the small bars and cafes.